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Thursday, April 17, 2014

*Crown Emoji*

Piece 10 of 17 | *Crown Emoji*
Series: "Signing Out"

Call on me if you need some
Need some love &..
Attention from a..
Dimension far beyond your reach
Of gravity
I'll carry you home &..
(Fuck the pain away?) The pain can stay.
As long as you stay pinned down underneath me. Don't you feel free?
Love it when you. Hate it when I. (Make me a...)
Above all these bitches and riches
I talk about
Never had chance to just talk it out
Seem just like Kanye when online,
In face I'm Gambino
Childish with dyed fur hat
We know.

Help.. to understand everything up there
Hidden in your mind
Heart is a gold mine left untouched
Not fit to be there
Or here
Or queer
So I'll just stay hovering right here
A light year.. Away
Stars are now forming
& the people are upset the monster's

Into what they hate most
You say so
& I'll go to the spot
We'll link up and you'll suck my.. Wait.
Welcome back. Welcome mat.
On the drums hidden in village
I'm killing the villagers
Pillaging everything found in here
Give me more
Following more than they follow you
Say it ain't so
Talking that halala. I'll eat mufasasa. Calling the master? Ha.
Green in my papers that's white
Like the vapers that stream from the Panda
That's burning now
Keep me happy.
Keeping me happy with sacrifice
Humans that party with me
Only last for the night
Then they hate me in day time
& talk when I'm occupied
As if my God won't shine light..
On any who do go against me
I'm not far from friendly
These snakes stay on internet
Never leave empty that bottle I brought
There on New Years
To get drunk and ring in the new tears

I think I am getting through, yeah?

My balls drop on Bitches.
Bigger than monster
That works in a factory
Sponsored by flops in the team
Fast regime.
Sucking more dick than your tweets
Making it seem
To beat me is dream
Swallow the cream that I leave
Just for you
Cause I'm making these things

Monster is King.